• The Journal publishes the articles on actual problems of chemistry and chemical technology.

The articles unpublished before are accepted. The articles can be presendet on there languages:  Azerbaijani, English and Russian.

  • Attached to the article is original that signed by the author (authors) is covering letter of the institute where the work has been accomplished.
  • The dimensions of the text margin in the frames: from the left – 2.5 sm, from the right – 2.0 sm, from the boltom – 2.5 sm, from the top – 3.0 sm.
  • Then in middle of a sheet a title of the article follows, under it – initials and surnames of the authors, under surnames comes full name of the institute (enterprise and etc.) presented the article. Further – the brief annotation by small type within frames somewhat narrower than the main text.
  • An article is to contain (in succession) introduction (grounds), the goal of the work, description of the experiment, results and their discussion, and in accordance with one¢s wish – a conclusion. Next to article is the list of literature.
  • Then come initial, the surname of the authors and brief annotation in Azerbaijan language – after if the same in English  and the same  – in Russian if the article is not in Russian.
  • The  chemical formulas and physical unites are pointed out in conformity with the iternational rules.
  • In decimal fractions a whole part is detached from fractional one by point (2.68, 1.03 and etc.)

10.Title of the table is typed by entire text from the beginning of the frame of the table.
11.References on literature in the text are cited in the square brackets [  ].
12.The patterns of shaping literature. The surnames of 3(three) authors (if they are more than 4) are cited, then follows “and others”, “et al”, “und and” and etc.

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The books, monographs.
Aliyev L.M. Фотокатализ. Бaku,  Елм  Publ. 1996. 150 p.

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13. All materials submitted for publication are reviewed

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