The Editors of the “Chemical Problems” journal abide by the Copyright Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the recommendations of the Committee on Scientific Ethics of Publications of the Committee on Publication Ethics, COPE ( All articles submitted to the editors for publication are reviewed. The procedure for reviewing articles is aimed at ensuring the quality of articles published in the journal. Articles sent to the Editors go through the procedure of double “blind” review. All reviewers are recognized reviewers.

Based on the review results, the manuscript can be:

1) Approved for publication.

2) Not recommended for publication.

In this case, the Editors send the author a reasoned refusal.

3) Sent for updating and removal of remarks.

In this case, an executive secretary of the Editorial office sends the author text of the review together with a text of the article with remarks.

Updated manuscripts are reviewed by the Editors again.

A final decision on the feasibility of article publication is made by the Editorial board.

The CHEMICAL PROBLEMS journal publishes articles and reviews reflecting the results of new original research in various fields of chemistry.

Articles must meet the following important requirements:

– The title of the article should be consistent with its content

– Comments should be clear and logical and should be written in a fluent language

– The article should include only experimental material on the problem posed

– Tables and pictures should not repeat the text in the article

– Descriptions of experiments should be detailed so that they can be evaluated upon repetition.

– The references should be compiled precisely: references should cover the most recent sources of research. You should not make references to teaching materials, abstracts of conferences, dissertations and Ph.D. thesis

Technical design of the article:

– An article (Microsoft Word for Windows, font size 12 pt, Times New Roman) should be executed and sent to the email address of the journal in A4 format with an interval of 1.5 and a frame size of 2.5 cm on each side.

– The text of the article should start with the UDC index on the top from left. Then, in the middle of the page,  the name of the article, the initials and surnames of the authors (12 pt), the full name of the institution (institution, etc.) submitting the article, surname, phone number and email of the corresponding author (11 pt). Then abstract (150 words) and keywords should be provided (11 pt). This layout should be in three languages ​​(Azerbaijani, Russian and English). Summaries in Russian and Azerbaijani should be submitted at the end of the article.

– Mathematical and chemical formulas are numbered in brackets with Arabic numerals and chemical compounds are numbered in Roman numerals. Only formulas referenced in the text are numbered.

– If the name of a chemical compound is used more than once in the text, it must first indicate its full name and the abbreviation in brackets, and then only the short name without brackets.

– In the case of non-standard marks and abbreviations adopted by the author, they must be explained at the first use.

– In decimal places, the whole part is separated by a dot (5.32, 4.6, etc.).

– Reference to the literature in the text (not less than 10) is given in square brackets [ ].

Manuscripts prepared according to the rules of the journal are accepted by e-mail

An example of the title page of an article:

UDC 665.777.


G.S. Muktarova, A.B. Hasanova, H.T. Eyubova, H.C. Ibrahimov,

V.M. Abbasov


Institute of Petrochemical Processes named after.Yu.Mamedaliyev

Khojali pr., 30, Baku AZ1025, Azerbaijan Republic;


The main results of mazut hydrocracking in the presence of superfine aluminosilicate catalyst and its modifications with transition metals (Ni, Мo) have been analyzed. It revealed that under optimal conditions (4300C, 1 MPa) the yield of light oil products is 46.6% mas. without using a catalyst. By adding 2.5% catalyst Az-4, the yield of light oil products rises up to 7% and comprises 53.0%. Using Az-4 modified by transition metals (Ni, Mo), the yield of light oil products rises to make up 60.0% mas. Note that obtained gasoline is characterized by fine chromacity, low content of aromatic and unsaturated hydrocarbons, 69 points MON in a pure form. Diesel fraction is also characterized by low content of aromatic hydrocarbons which defines its high cetane number of 53-54 points. The analysis of gasoline quality and diesel fractions shows that following the additional light hydro-treatment the obtained products can be recommended as commodity fuels of high quality. 

Keywords: hydrocracking, mazut, aluminosilicate catalyst, transition metals, temperature, gasoline, diesel fraction.

(The abstract in Azerbaijani and Russian are also written in this form) 


The logical structure of the article:

The structure of the article should consist of the following sections:



The topicality of the problem should be justified by reference to the scientific literature. The purpose of the work should be clear and understandable.

Experimental part:

– The description of the experiments must be detailed and accurate to evaluate the results. The brand of devices used must be indicated.

Results and Discussion:

– The results are systematized through tables and figures and presented in a logical sequence of text.

– The name of the tables and the captions should be so that their contents are clear without reference to the text. The size of the figures should be approximately 8 × 8 cm.


– The references in the article should be sequenced.

When citation to the journal article references the names of all authors, the title of the article, the journal title, year, volume, number, pages of the article. DOI should also be indicated.


Aliyev I.I., Mammadova N.A., Sadigov F.M. Research into phase formation and some physical and chemical properties of the Sb2Se3-GaSe system alloys // Chemical Problems. 2019, vol. 17, no. 3, pp. 403-407

Books: – Names of authors, title of the book, name of city and publisher, year and total number of pages. For translated books, the bracket is named in the original language.


Sluchinskaya I.A. Fundamentals of materials science and semiconductor technology. Moscow: Mir. 2002. 49-51 p.


– name of the country, number of the patent, year of publication and name of the patent.


Pat. US 367711 (publ. 1971). Foamable synthetic resin compositions.


Note: The Azerbaijani or Russian versions of articles submitted in English to the editorial office should  be submitted also (for authors from Azerbaijan)

The journal operates on the principle of self-financing. Therefore, authors who want to publish articles in the magazine make payments to the bank account depending on the size of the article. Payment is made after the article is submitted to the editorial office. If the volume of articles published in the journal is up to 8 (eight) pages, the minimum payment is 150 AZN and an additional 15 AZN for each page after 8 pages (for employees of NAS of Azerbaijan).

The minimum payment for foreign country researchers – $ 200

*** If the article submitted to the editorial is published in another journal or the article is plagiarized, the payment will not be refunded.

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