Editorial staff of the journal «Chemical problems» is guided by recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and experiences of other journals and editions.

Duties of editor-in-chief
Editor-in-chief is responsible for
● Decision-making over papers submitted for publication. He decides on publishing papers on the basis of scientific reviews.
● When making decisions on publication, he is guided by data adequacy and scientific importance of the paper submitted.

● Papers are rated solely on their content irrespective of race, sex, sexual orientation, religious views, origin, citizenship, social status or political convictions of their authors.

● Unpublished data from manuscripts considered cannot be used for personal purposes or conveyed to third persons without written consent of the author. Information or ideas identified during editing and related to potential benefits are confidential and cannot be used for any advantages.

● Editor shall disapprove information which is believed to be plagiarism.

● Editor shall respond to manuscript or publication claims and take adequate measures to reinstate rights infringed.

Duties of reviewers

Reviewer shall carry out unprejudiced scientific expertise of author’s materials to comply with principles as follows:

● Reviewer shall without fail decline from his participation in reviewing if, in his view, he has no qualification enough to appraise a manuscript or he cannot be unprejudiced in case of conflict of interests with the author or organization.

● A manuscript to be reviewed is considered to a confidential material. It cannot be provided to third persons for insight or discussion, except for persons as authorized by editor-in-chief.

● Reviewer shall provide impartial and well-reasoned assessment to results of research. No personal criticism of the author is admitted.

● Reviewer shall avoid using unpublished data from manuscripts for jobbing.

Duties of authors

● Authors of papers shall provide authentic results of research and ensure that conclusions from a manuscript submitted are authentic.

● Fragments or allegations shall be registered with compulsory names of authors and primary sources. Excessive borrowings, as well as plagiarism of any forms, including paraphrasing or usurpation of rights to the results of alien research, are unethical and unacceptable.

● Authors shall not submit a manuscript to the journal which has earlier been forwarded to another journal, as well as a paper already published in another journal.

● Co-authors of the paper shall be persons to have made an essential contribution to the research. Co-authors cannot refer to persons uninvolved in the research.

● Authors shall immediately notify editors if there are any errors or inaccuracies in the paper at the stage of its consideration or after its publication.